Collection: Cushions

A good hotel comforter with a nice pillow ensures a large sleeping comfort, so that your guests will appear wonderfully rested at breakfast. Offers your guests the ideal and most comfortable overnight stay and choose the duvets and pillows from LinnenatWork! The right duvet for your hotel or bed and breakfast. Buy the right pillow for your hotel here. Discover which duvets and pillows fit best within your accommodation. The duvets and pillows from LinnenatWork are available in 7 variants: from Prestige, to cook -resistant, fire -retardant and delicious down. They all have a cover with a special finish, which means that the protected are fungus, dust mites and bacteria. View the entire range below.


Circular mattress

Discover our unique circular mattress 100% recyclable. This unique product is the first of its kind. Our innovation team has worked hard to develop a mattress that is fully reusable and that for a super competitive price.

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Mattressprotectors & Moltons

Moltons are ideal because of their moisture absorbing function. When you place a molton over your mattress, it will take a lot of extra moisture that will not end up in the mattress. So it's a real mattress protector. By taking the property a lot of moisture, the life of your mattress is considerably extended. Choose from cotton or cotton/polyester and whether or not with PU coating. This is all with elastic all around.

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Bed linen bundles

You know better than anyone that the sleeping comfort of your guests is of the utmost importance and that hotel quality bedding is essential in this. As bed linen wholesalers we have a wide range of hotel bed linen in the form of luxury hotel duvet covers, pillowcases. pillowcases, moltons and fitted sheets. The best bed linen can be found here at a competitive price. The comfort of home, the luxury of a hotel.

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Pure Linen

A 100% cotton bath linen line that is not painted. The product has the pure color of cotton. The bleaching process is skipped. That is why we have a sign with "No Bleach" on the label. And of course the label is not made of polyester, but made of 100% cotton (there is no polyester wire in this towels line).

It was decided to save material where possible. Pure Linen is a sober label, where we make the best and sustainable possible product together with nature and our partners.

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Linen Rental?

Are you interested in linen rental?

As an independent partner we can put together the right linen package, matching your concept and the desired comfort level. We also select the most suitable laundry and we realize a competitive offer. We are a linen specialist and work closely with laundries in the Netherlands and Belgium. We can open several doors for a good deal.

Discover linen rental for hotels and B & Bs. We work socially responsible!

Every catering partner likes to be relieved when it comes to linen. Relief can be done in many ways. The flexibility in service and the quality of washing is of decisive importance. After all, clean linen does not mean unnecessary costs for housekeeping and satisfied partners. The right laundry partner is the most important choice with regard to unburdening of housekeeping and keeping your costs low. We can advise you well and independently.

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